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Malcom McCameron
849 Almar, Suite C-170
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(408) 425-0460 (Phone/FAX)

About Deth Specula

Deth Specula are:

Deth Specula was spawned in Santa Cruz, California, and is a five-man, neo-bronto band. Specula consists of two guitars, bass, drums and vocals, and plays a hard-rocking mixture of original music and twisted covers. Their roots lie in early 70's hard rock, but their music is filtered through 80's punk and pop, all served up with a 90's twist.

Founded by the crafty Malcom McCameron, who plays guitar and manages the band, Deth Specula became an immediate hit among the band's close friends. Unfortunately, the band's World-Wide Tours have been plagued by bad luck: every major tour date they've booked has been cancelled because of a natural disaster or war. Recent cancellations have included a showcase gig in Philadelphia, PA, a Farm Aid-Style benefit in Wilkes Barre, PA, and an East/West Friendship and Democracy benefit in the Chechnyan Republic.

Deth Specula T-shirts are reknown for their lists of cancelled tour dates, and are a big hit with the band's fans.

The band is not without some success. Worming their way onto the Internet, Deth Specula was one of the first 10 bands onto the Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA), which is where thousands of people have checked out the band so far. Presence on IUMA landed the band's tune "Careening Continental" as the opening and closing music to a CNN Showbiz News segment about IUMA.

Further press action has come from the fact that Deth Specula was one of the first two bands to broadcast a concert, both audio and video, live across the Internet. The national press, including the New York Times and Newsweek, picked up on the possibilities of live a/v on the Internet when the Rolling Stones became the fourth band to conduct such a broadcast. Deth Specula was mentioned in the NYT and Newsweek stories as having beaten the Stones to the punch.

An 8-song cassette, Weasels and Cream, is available at the band's shows, or by contacting the band at 3-song demo tapes are also available upon request. We are currently sold out of "The Deth Specula Compilation Video," which featured videos of some of our parody songs, a cover of "Santa Claus (Is Cumming)."

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Malcom McCameron

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