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Deth Specula Bio - Yam

yam \'yam\ n [earlier iname, fr. Pg inhame & Sp n@ame] 1: the edible starchy tuberous root of various plants (genus Dioscorea of the family Dioscoreaceae) used as a staple food in tropical areas; also : a plant producing these 2: a moist-fleshed and usu. orange-fleshed sweet potato

This Yam plays bass. This Yam sings backups. This Yam is not your ordinary yam.

Yam lives with the rest of the band in Santa Cruz, California. Actually, he currently lives in the Santa Cruz mountains, but that's close enough. People in Santa Cruz are so P.C. that they never actually point out the fact that he's not quite orange enough to really be a yam.

Yam writes some songs for Specula, like Reagan Mask and Crop Killer. He leaves most of the lyrics up to Timmy. Rumor has it that Yam knows how to play every rock song from the 70's. Yam denies this. Yam often speaks in the third person. He likes everything from Harry Connick, Jr. to Primus to Negativland to Alice in Chains to Brand X to Crowded House to Iron Maiden to Ella Fitzgerald.

When Yam isn't playing music, he's either asleep, at work. He wishes he had more hours in the day.

Yam is sure that he soon will develop tumors from all of the electronic equipment surrounding him as he makes his way through the habitat which comprises his life. However, for now it serves as the means to a pitiable tan.

Yam hopes that Beavis & Butthead die soon and that Bob & Doug McKenzie return. Beyond that, Wim Wenders is God. Yam is obsessed by a demented combination of Madonna and Star Trek.

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Deth Specula Bio - Yam