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Deth Specula Bio - Kozmo

Spanking that rhythm guitar and singing for all he's worth, Kozmo Specula gets all het up when he thinks about playing music for the masses. There's nothing to compare with the joy of helping citizens spin like oily dervishes until they forget the essential laws of gravity.

Hailing from several indeterminate American locales, Kozmo absorbed many musical influences as a lad: rock & roll screaming, big band crooning, cowboy yodelling, and that flat little monotone that Laurie Anderson uses so effectively. In his fevered imagination, he thinks this diversity helps keep the S.S. Specula away from the heavily-populated shoals whereupon founder so many other rock schooners.

He especially enjoys adding the finishing touches that help burnish each Specula song into an aberrant thing of beauty, be it an off-kilter harmony, a goonish gesture, or a scratchy percussive motion on his cheap knock-off guitar, not named "Lucille."

Kozmo is a Libra, and is still wondering where all the groupies are.

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Deth Specula Bio - Kozmo