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Deth Specula Live at the SCO Forum

August 23, 1994

7:30 - 8:15 PM

As Deth Specula plays live at the SCO Forum, we at IUMA will be recording their music live, transferring it to MPEG, and posting it here on this site.

Even though the show just ended a while ago, we will continue to update this page with MPEG audio files of the songs they performed as the MPEG conversions are completed.

To go along with this, we will also be broadcasting their music live over the MBONE. If you can tune in, do so. This will be a LIVE performance straight from Santa Cruz!!!!

All the images found on this page were captured from the live footage of the concert as it was being broadcasted across the Internet.

deth1.jpg deth2.jpg deth3.jpg


  1. Internet Band (plus intro)
  2. Unix Bugs
  3. Speaking Legalese
  4. Get Even More
  5. I Wanna Be Updated
  6. Careening Continental (7MB)
  7. Anarchy At SCO (original MP2 or new MP3)

The Players:

The Band

The Deth Specula and IUMA Crew

Keep checking this page for a more detailed story about all of the trials and tribulations it took to get this entire project to actually happen.
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