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All the bugs are worked out and "deth.com" is now a valid domain. That means you can use:

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Well, the official tradeshow of the UNIX World (or however the hell they bill themselves) is presenting a "Battle of the Bands" in Dallas on Tuesday night, March 14th in the Hyatt Ballroom. The show starts at about 6:00pm with some music and an MC or something.

Just one thing: it's a battle without a winner or a prize. Yup, some battle. Malcom's guess is that the sponsor of the evening (Data General) didn't want their own band to be shown up by the Boyz from Cruz (uh... that's us, Deth Specula) so they insisted on a battle without a battle. Think of it as a Kinder, Gentler Battle of the Bands. Whatever.

Deth Specula goes on at 6:30pm to open the show. We are just pleased as punch that we'll be warming up for such industry notables as ... well ... as ... uh ... I can't remember. But trust me, these folks really have instruments. Yup, they do. The best money can buy, and money can buy a lot of things in this world. Whatever.

Oh well, can't headline them all. Malcom is still tugging on as many strings as he can find. Perhaps a miracle will occur. Maybe not. We'll keep you posted.

If anyone on this list will be in Dallas on Tuesday night of
next week, send me some e-mail. I can get you into the show
and give you free stuff (like a DS t-shirt and tape)
in exchange for a mere 30 minutes of your time. - Malcom


Check out http://www.cs.tu-berlin.de/~phade/mpeg.html for info on a CD-ROM of Internet stuff. This guy over in Germany, Frank Gadegast, basicly assembled a pile of Internet stuff, including some material from the Internet Underground Music Archive (including Deth Specula music) onto a CD-ROM. According to Frank, it's an ISO-9660 CD that contains:

So you may want to check out the Web page (listed in the first para.) or send e-mail to phade@contrib.de. Frank is making a little bit of profit on this, but not a whole lot, considering the cost of materials. I haven't actually seen the CD yet, but if there's a lot of stuff on it, it might be cheaper and would definitely be faster than downloading a lot of files across the net.


Finally. We did another run of the sold-out Internet Band Tour shirts. The new shirts feature updated tour gigs, including Kobe, Japan and Guernville, Calif.

Send me e-mail if you want one. $15 each. We'll probably have something on our Web page RSN, like a scan of the art. We'll have tapes and shirts at UniForum so if you are going to the show you can catch up with the boys in the band at the show and snarf a prized Deth Specula T and some heavy, heavy Deth Specula tunes.

(Whatever happened to those Yugoslavia Cease-Fire Tour shirts? Probably the same thing that happened to the cease fire ....)


Deth Specula's audio tape, "Weasels and Cream," makes a great Easter Gift.

Only $5.00. Includes lyrics.

Trust me,


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