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Talk about short notice ... I got a call from a new booking guy at the Cactus Club. He listened to a copy of our demo, liked it, and called to invite us to the Cactus Club's Wednesday jam session tonight.

It's not really a jam session in the truest sense of the word. The format is that a bunch of bands all play the same amps and drums, each taking a small slice of time during the course of the evening. It's a great way to sample a lot of bands, all playing their best songs. We're looking forward to playing without schlepping a whole lot of gear!

Sorry for the late notice to all our paper-mail fans. But, you'll have another shot in May with ...


For you party-mongers, Deth Specula will be playing at the 1994 Revel Alliance party in Felton. Details are:
Saturday, May 14th
7522 Highway 9 (Larry Colen's house)
Music starts Saturday afternoon
Avalon Rising (Celtic rock) plays 3-5pm
Specula plays 7-10pm

Admission FREE (but donations to the host for beer will not be turned down)
More info: call Larry at (408) 335-7505, or e-mail lrc@netcom.com
I've included the official party invite (with directions and an ASCII map) at the end of the this mail.


For you World Wide Web nutzos (like Malcom), there is an MPEG video of Deth Specula available on the Deth Specula Home Page (http://klinzhai.iuma.com/specula/index.html). The video is about 50 seconds long and does not have sound (don't worry, you're not going deaf ;-]).

It's basicly an introduction to the band, featuring clips that will be familiar to you Specula hardcores, PLUS some new animation stuff and a clip from our Jerry Brown for President gig at the now-defunct Maxter's.

The video is pure 2:00am Malcom Madness(tm). I loaded a bunch of video onto my Indigo, took the machine home for the weekend, and assembled the video, with a custom, short bit of Careening Continental. Unfortunately, I don't know how to translate the SGI movie (with soundtrack) into an MPEG movie that also has the soundtrack. But for what it's worth, the SGI movie is about 29 Mbytes, whereas the MPEG movie is only 4 Mbytes.

Joe-Malcom-Bob says: "Check it out!"


They are good for breakfast.

But seriously folks, Malcom has contacted a small, independent record label about distributing Weasels and Cream. No promises yet, but who knows ... we just might hit the small time soon.


As ye of elephant memory might remember, Deth Specula played a four-band gig in San Francisco at the On Broadway last month. Did I say four-band? Feh. The second-billed band didn't show!
Q: How many musicians does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: Uh ... oh wow, man. Like ... I tried to call you...
With one band not showing, it gave Specula and Eden's Burning more time to play. And play we did.

The On Broadway is a cool place. There are two bars, one right off the dance floor and one in a back room (away from the noise). Pressed-tin roof, riveted iron-beam ceiling, posh 1920's style decor (of a bit on the well-worn side) ... the first thing I thought of when I walked in was "Rocky Horror." I dunno why.

Nice stage, great sound, plenty of room to dance. Thanks to all the Speculoids who came ... we were stoked. We drew much better than I expected, and the whole show was pretty cool.

As far as the other bands, Eden's Burning were not a whole lot to write home about. Competent musicians, but I just couldn't get into their music. Too many recycled metal idioms.

On the other hand, Psychedelic Cowboy were fun. They are a tight band, playing interesting music. Plus they look pretty cool. The lead singer reminded me of Ian Astbury (The Cult). Their music is hard-edged, alternative rock -- two guitars, bass and drums. Check 'em out if you get a chance.


Oh Lord, why me? Why do I have to move?

Well, I have it on good authority that when you buy a house it is traditional that you move into it. (Unless you are going to rent it out or burn it down for the insurance money; or both).

Yep, Mr. and Mrs. McCameron are buying a house. Get this: it's *right next door* to where we are living now. Sounds convenient, eh? NO!

Basicly, our landbitch ... er, I mean, landlady ... is trying to sell the house we are in right now. Since she is (a) selling it herself, and (b) lives in New York, she (c) wants us the hell out of her house so she can (d) live in it while trying to sell it. Therefore, (e) life sucks.

We'll be moved on May 1st. (The Great Heroic Worker People's Revolutionary Holiday and Tank Show Day.) Because we can't get an apartment right on May 1st, we'll be bunking with some friends for about four days until the apartment opens up.


    "Cypress Point Apartments")
	echo "Hi Keith. We're going to be your neighbors!"
    *)	echo "Never mind."


Anyway, if all goes well, escrow closes on the new place ... right next door to the old place ... on May 23rd. Basicly, we'll have schlepped all our stuff to storage, to an apartment, then back to a house in the course of a month. All so we can move ... right next door.

Our main phone number will stay the same (we're in the phone book). My business line (D&P Creative Services) will be non-operative until we move into the house.

What convenience, eh?

As a result ...


You can send paper and money correspondence to:
Deth Specula
849 Almar Ave., Suite C-170
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Astute Santa Cruz residents will recognize this as the address of Mail Boxes, Etc.


Still no t-shirts? Yeah ... they're coming ... they're coming.


In case you actually care about such things, Adam Curry has left MTV. Zzzzzzz.

Sproing! Waitaminute ...

This has some interesting ramifications. You see, Adam Curry and some of his buddies are very active on the Internet, running what is currently known as MTV.com. MTV has never really supported MTV.com -- it's always been Adam's show. Now that Adam doesn't work for MTV, how will MTV.com change? Will it become more aggressive in bringing music and videos to the Internet? Or will it stagnate and perhaps wither away?

This is of some interest to other people archiving music on the Internet (such as the Internet Underground Music Archive http://sunsite.unc.edu/ianc/index.html). Curry has added a service similar to IUMA: you give him $100 and he'll put your song, bio, and photo on MTV.com for three months. Although it is relatively cheap exposure, it's still exorbitant compared to IUMA (which is essentially free, but donations are accepted; not time restriction on your submissions).

Given the essentially flat structure of the current Internet, there is little advantage in archiving on MTV.com versus IUMA. Both are accessible via Mosaic and FTP and neither have access charges to users. The advantages for MTV.com are the name, which might change anyway, and the potential for more recording industry people to be aware of it. The advantage of the IUMA is the price/service ratio -- plus the karmic good vibe of supporting underground music.

Speaking of underground music ...


Deth Specula's first audio tape, Weasel's and Cream is now available. It features 8 songs:
Careening Continental
Killing Machine
Hungry Like the Wolf
Lili Damita
Reagan Mask
Get Even More
... and a special track by those Serbo-Croatian heros, Slavic Love Dogs
Only $5.00. Includes lyrics.

Trust me,


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                                                        Lil' Spikey


			  Invitation to the
       Interesting people and people who do interesting things
			  (on line edition)
Announcing the Sixth annual gathering of the Revel Alliance.

Who:    Larry Colen and the usual assortment of suspects.
When:   May 14th, 1994  (OK, really the 13th through the 16th)
Where:  7522 hwy 9, Felton 408-335-7505
e-mail: lrc@netcom.com 

What's a Rebel Annoyance?
That's Revel Alliance, as in a bunch of diverse people banding
together to have fun.  Diversity is the keyword, expect to see people
who race cars, write books, program computers, sword fight, make
wine/beer/mead, blacksmith, study martial arts, ride motorcycles and
even some people with unusual hobbies or jobs.  This is the sixth year
we've been getting together for this bit of madness and mayhem, so
we're starting to get the hang of it by now.
Music and Dancing:
There will be two bands, Deth Specula and Avalon Rising. 
After 10 PM, when we have to quiet down a bit, 
people will be encouraged to play acoustic music 
out in the redwood grove, There will also be at least
one stereo for when live music is not available.  
Bring music( tapes, cds, books), and/or a musical instrument.  
Some people will be consuming ETOH, Some won't.  Do whichever you like.
There will be a keg of good ale. Donations will be gratefully
Crash space:
We would much rather you crashed here than on the ride home.  If
you will be drinking heavily, or just don't feel like driving home
bring blankets or a sleeping bag.  I will set up foam pads in the
carport, away from the noise of the party and there will be room for
tents in the side yard.  Things will eventually quiet down enough
that people can sleep on the living room floor.
There will be a potluck dinner Saturday evening (eat at 6PM), Please
Bring food to share.  I will continue the tradition of making
something spicy so people can complain about how hot it is while they
ignore the less spicy offerings.

Fizzball: (our favorite game with large sticks and cans of cheap beer)
Unfortunately, the property does not lend itself to Fizzball.

Well behaved children, of any age, are welcome.  But bear in mind
that this is an adult party and some people may not consider some of
the activities suitable for children.

What to bring:
As appropriate - food for potluck, Dance music, BYOB, bedding, party
favours, a friend, single malt, two friends, A Musical Instrument, 
Bagpipes, more food, donations for the keg, firewood, food for
breakfast glut on Sunday.

Who to bring:
People who are interesting, personable and not very likely to 
cause expensive damage to the property or my belongings are welcome.


Friday evening when I get home:  
  Tap the keg, carousement till late.  

  noon:     Things will start happening.
  3-5 PM:   First band, Avalon Rising: Celtic/Celtic Rock 
            note: Avalon Rising has warned us they may not make it,
            but one way or another, there will be music for dancing.
  5 PM:     Start preparing dinner
  6-7 PM:   Eat dinner
  7-10 PM:  Second band, Deth Specula: Rock and Roll
  10 PM:    reduced volume outside, acoustic music in the redwood grove.

  noonish:   go out to breakfast, or perhaps a breakfast glut.
  afternoon: detox the house

Unconfirmed events:  Check with me for more info.

Sportscar/motorcycle tour:
There will likely be a sportscar/motorcycle tour of the Santa Cruz
mountains Saturday afternoon.  It may involve investigating some of
the local wineries. If you are interested, contact me for more

Irish and or Morris Dancing:
Would probably happen around noon, perhaps overlapping with Avalon

They are appreciated, though not required.

Want to help?
It's going to take a lot of work getting the house ready for this
little soiree.  I'll be spending a lot of time on the weekends
between now and the party doing yard work, building a deck for the
bands to play on, setting up lights.  People who come over and help
me out will be fed.  Contact me for info on Time and Dates.

Carpooling?  A wonderful idea.  Parking is limited and some people
will be coming from a fair distance.  If you can give someone a ride,
please let me know where from and when.


Address: 7522 Hwy 9, Felton    Phone: 408-335-7505     E-mail: lrc@netcom.com

 Parking is VERY limited at the house.  Please park at the
pullout down the street.  If you will have large objects to unload,
please contact me ahead of time so we can make arrangements.

From San Jose:  
Take Hwy 17 to the Mt Hermon exit in Scotts Valley.
Take Mt Hermon Rd until it dead ends at Graham Hill in Felton.
Turn right and continue as below:
From Santa Cruz:
 Take Graham Hill or Hwy 9 to Felton and go North on
Hwy 9.  About a mile north of town you will pass the highschool on
your left.  Time to start waking up.  About a 1/4 mile further on,
there will be a carpet store on your right, and El Solyo Hts road on
your left, Really Wake up.  About a hundred yards past the carpet
store, the road will turn to the left and there will be a large
pullout on the right.  Park here.  Do not block the neighbors cars. 
Walk north past the turn, there will be a driveway on the right,
followed by a shed with a telephone pole and mail boxes in front of
it, followed by my driveway.  If you get to two bridges in rapid
succession, you've gone too far.

By Bus:
Take the 35. Get off at El Solyo. Walk north.
         crazy austrian|                            Legend:
                       |                                  +  stoplight
                      | |                                 *  the family estate
          twin bridges |                                  s  shed by the road
                      | |                                 c  carport
                   gift\     *<-- Here there be party    | | bridge
                   shop \   c-s   
                         -------\- pullout: park here
                                 \|                         to San Jose
         |          El Solyo Hts--|carpet store              ^ North
         |                        |bus stop                  |
    another                       |             Scotts Valley|        
    geek |                 School |                          |        
    house|     Fall               |  Mt Hermon Rd K-mart     |        
         |     Creek              |  ,----------+--+++--+----| Hwy 17 
         |                  Hwy 9 | /            Mc Hell     |        
         |                        | |Safeway                 |        
         |--Felton Empire---------+-+---+-----------\        |
         |                        |      Graham Hill \       | 
         |                  last  |            Road   \      | 
         |                  year's|                    \     | 
         |                  party | Henry Cowell        \    |
         |uncle charlies          | Hwy 9                \   |             
         |summer camp             |                       \  | Hwy 17     
         |                  South V                        \ |             
         |various geek houses     | Hwy 9                   \| Santa Cruz
         |<-North---------------------------Hwy 1-----------------South->