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That's right ... *the* CNN ... news ... Peter Arnet in Baghdad ...

The Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) was featured in a CNN "Showbiz News" segment today. The segment described the operation and featured interviews with Rob and Jeff (studs that they are).

Of special interest to Specula fans was the fact that "Careening Continental" was the lead-in and closing music for the piece. Hot-damn! If you look closely, you can even catch a glimpse of Malcom and Timmy's faces on a monitor as Jeff explains how the system works.

If you haven't checked out the IUMA yet, give it a shot. This is cutting edge stuff -- musical populism in the digital age. You can reach the IUMA via World-Wide Web at the following URL:


You can also e-mail them (for queries and submissions) at:


Heads-up tip: All you Santa Cruz residents be on the lookout for the Friday (3/11) edition of the Santa Cruz Sentinel. The IUMA gets front-page coverage in that edition.


Thanks to all those who turned out at the Cactus Club. At last, a Specula gig for those on the other side of The Hill. The Cactus Club is down on First St. in San Jose, which is like the Pacific Garden Mall with porno.

It was a 4-band night with maximally heavy tunes. Specula was in the coveted (for week nights) 10:30pm slot.

Show openers "Mental Pygmies" were a real surprise: the only members were a drummer and a bassist. The bassist used a frequency divider to add a guitar sound over the bass. Since they played thrash (where the guitarist and bassist often play the same riffs simultaneously), it sounded completely natural. Although some of their songs were not ... mature ... they had a few good ones. Malcom especially liked "Gridlock."

The second band was a perfect imitation of a thrash-metal band: pointy guitars (you know the kind I mean), big hair, big drums, big singer ... literally. They were tight, but Malcom found their song writing to be a bit uninspired. But, if you like screaming and head-banging (which Malcom does), they are a good band for it. Beavis and Butthead would also approve.

Then came the highlight of the night as Deth Specula took the stage by storm and whipped the crowd into a frenzy. Of course, since Specula fans outnumbered all other fan groups, the whipping part was easy.

Leading off with "Careening Continental" (off the new tape), Deth Spec followed up with "Yummy, Yummy, Yummy," then blasted into a whole bunch of songs, the order of which Malcom cannot even remember. It rocked by way too fast. I do remember a stompin' version of Kozmo's "Lili Damita," and the show-closing "Godzilla."

Many thanks to all who came to the show! We wish we could have seen even more of you all, but we understand -- Tuesday is a tough night.


Deth Specula's first audio tape, "Weasel's and Cream" is now available. It features 8 songs:

Careening Continental
Killing Machine
Hungry Like the Wolf
Lili Damita
Reagan Mask
Get Even More
... and a special track by those
Serbo-Croatian heros, Slavic Love Dogs
Only $5.00. Includes lyrics.

SCO people

Tammy Rahn (tammyr) is handling orders. Send her e-mail to coordinate. Cash or check payable to D&P Creative Services.

Non-SCO e-mail people

Send me e-mail (malcom@entropy.wpd.sgi.com). Let me know:
  1. How many tapes you want.
  2. Where you want them sent.
I will mail them to you as soon as your check arrives. (Payable to D&P Creative Services)

Anyone who does not have e-mail

Send me a check for the number of tapes you want:
D&P Creative Services <-- payable to ...
245 Sheldon Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Non-US fans

Please add $2.00 for overseas shipping.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Where are the confounded t-shirts? Nothing is easy. They're coming ... real soon now (RSN). U.S. Customs in New York promised me the shirts were released from impound, but now they can't find any record of the shirts. Malcom will probably have to end up paying off the Mafia to get the shirts back.

But they will arrive...


Deth Specula will be playing on Friday night, March 25th, in San Francisco at The Rock On Broadway. I believe this is a crummy little bar, but what the heck.

The 25th is the last day of UniForum, so ... Malcom suggests making your UniForum visit on Friday. After the show, chow down on sushi and sake, then slither on over to The Rock on Broadway and check out music.

It's another 4-band set. I don't know yet about cover charge or the order of bands. (We're sharing the bill with the Psychodelic Cowboys, Amsterdam, and Eden's Burning [no, not another one of Yam's bands]).

It'll be a great show...

Trust me,


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