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Whooya, what a month. First of all, welcome to the world Willow Irene Record. Proud parents Jodi and Ron Record were rumored to be considering Timmy as the baby's name if it turned out to be a boy ;-)

In more mundane news, Malcom has been jetting between Santa Cruz and New York (in addition to camping out on the phone) trying to liberate the impounded Deth Specula Serbo-Croation Cease Fire Tour (SCCFT) t-shirts. Malcom has discovered that a liberal application of "bakshish*" is working wonders towards freeing the captive shirts. These shirts - festooned with the Specula Dove of War and Peace, and emblazoned with city names and tour dates in the former Yugoslav Republic - are sure to be collector's items. Trust me.

We finally got the January recording session mixed and mastered. Malcom is checking out duplication for cassettes. The tapes will probably retail for $5.00 each and will feature hit Specula tunes:

	- Careening Continental		- Reagan Mask
	- Killing Machine 		- Gutterslut
	- Lili Damita			- Even More
	- Hungry Like the Wolf			

	Special Bonus Track: 	- Deta Dpu (by the Slavic
				  Love Dogs)
"Gutterslut" and "Even More" are earlier recordings. Gutterslut has never-before been available. The version of "Even More" is the same as on the Deth Specula Compilation Video. "Deta Dpu" is a haunting tune recorded by the Slavic Love Dogs, a band that was to open for Specula at some of the SCCFT shows.

As usual, we'll keep you posted.

Trust me.


* Bribery

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