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Hippy New Year. Still writing "1993" on your checks? Malcom is.

Welcome to our newest Deth Specula fan. Hailing from Sweden:

Fredrik Winberg, d92-fwi@nada.kth.se
It's been a busy January for the boyz in the band. You might check out our new Deth Specula Home Page on the World-Wide Web. The uniform resource listing (URL) is:

We've got the band photo, band bio, how to subscribe to the mailing list, and some links to other places. Coming soon are some video clips and ... new songs.

We went up to San Francisco this weekend and recorded five of our songs on 24-track, 2" tape. We did Reagan Mask, Killing Machine, Kozmo's tune Lili Damita, Careening Continental, and our Duran Duran cover Hungry Like the Wolf.

We still need to mix down the tape, but that should happen soon and we'll put a track or two on our home page for you to download. We'll also make available a complete tape, including the previously recorded Get Even More and Gutterslut as soon as possible.

Also, a guy back in Illinois is puting together a compilation of weird music -- songs done by bands that normally don't do those songs. E.g., a metal version of a Sinatra tune, punk ABBA, and so forth. We've been in contact with the dude, and he likes the sound of our Hungry Like the Wolf cover. Perhaps we'll be published nation-wide.

Malcom dropped a demo tape off at the Cactus Club in San Jose. Hopefully we'll score a gig over there sometime soon. Unfortunately, our planned gig at Cal State Northridge was cancelled due to the earthquake, and our benefit for embattled U.S. Congress representatives in Washington, D.C. was cancelled due to the snow storm in the east. Will natural disasters never cease? *

Speaking of disasters, Malcom is still haggling with U.S. Customs over disposition of the several hundred Yugoslavia Cease Fire Tour t-shirts stuck in a Customs warehouse in New York. Or, are they stuck in Malcom's dad's garage? Malcom has a hard time keeping his stories straight sometimes. Nonetheless, there is a good chance the shirts will make it into Malcom's grubby paws and will be available for sale to our devoted and non-devoted fans alike.

Anyway, we'll keep you posted on this stuff.

Trust me.

Malcom McCameron                                         \ | /    
Deth Specula                                            /  _ _'  
malcom@entropy.wpd.sgi.com                                  |_ * *  
(408) 425-0460                                            |_` \ 

* This is a joke. We were not really booked to play any gigs in these places.

Lil' Spikey

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